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Abb robot

Configuration of connection to robot's controller and common system parameters.


This node includes 3 sections:

  • Configuration of connection (IP address and credentials).
  • Description of connected robot model with installed system / options and its picture.
  • Some of important Robot's system parameters editor ( Edit Parameters button).

In parameters editor user can change system values (if available) for:

  • Motion/Motion Planner/Prefetch Time
  • Motion/Robot/Base Frame
  • Motion/Robot/Gravity
  • Motion/Arm/Upper Joint Bound
  • Motion/Arm/Lower Joint Bound
  • Motion/Arm Load
  • Communication/IP settings

More about these settings can be found in Technical reference manual - System Parameters IRC5/RW 6

ℹ️ NOTE: When any of system parameter is changed then restart confirmation message will pop up. As change will take effect only after controller restart. Until restart Restart Pending message will be shown on the top of node's form. Confirmation Button Restart Button


Property Description
Host Robot's controller IP Address
Username Username on the controller
Password Password for given username
Edit Parameters Button to system parameters editor