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Abb robot io

Provides access to I/O signals of a robot.

Additionally from signal properties level it provides management of robot's signals.


Field Type Description
payload number or boolean Value of I/O signal to set.


Field Type Description
payload number Value of I/O signal.


When Subscription property of the node is set then message will be emitted on each change of signal value in a robot. In other case getting value of signal might be triggered by input message without msg.payload set.

Example output message:

    "topic": "IO_VALUE",
    "payload": 1,
    "ioPath": "diSensor"

To set value of signal msg.payload must be set to boolean or number value. Output will be similar to above.

To avoid creation of multiple IO nodes for different robots with same signal msg.configId can be used to override Config ID property.

ℹ️ NOTE: Default level access usually deny signal value changes which ends up with node error. In such case set Access Level to All.

Example input message which changes diSensor value to 1:

    "payload": 1

Except configuration of Signal name to observe/change user have option to modify/delete existing or create new signals by clicking on edit icon.

The main idea behind it is to remove need of RobotStudio usage to configure signals. Due to that fields names in forms are the same like in Configuration -> I/O System -> Signal section in RobotStudio.

ℹ️ NOTE: Each change of I/O signal configuration requires controller restart.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Due to existing issues with reconnection to restarted controller using this functionality is not recommended. As a workaround restart of Node-RED might be needed in case of connection errors.


Property Description
Name Name of the node instance
Config A config node with robot connection parameters
Config ID ID of config node
Subscription Should node emit messages on signal changes
Signal Signals list with signal configuration form button