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Abb robot command builder

Build commands that can be sent via RMQ Node to ABB robot.


Field Type Description
id number sequence number for command.


Field Type Description
metadata number Integer including sequence number.


Input message values are not mandatory. They override defaults set in the node configuration. Still using field is recommended to track responses for particular command message (by default it equals 1). should be integer within range 1 and 8191.

ℹ️ NOTE: When is equal 0 then no response is sent back.

msg.payload object could include:

  • msg.payload.procedure - RAPID procedure name (case sensitive) to call.
  • msg.payload.<argument name>.<argument type> - argument value passed to the procedure.

Example msg.payload for pickAndDrop procedure with 3 arguments dpItemPose, dpIn, dpOut:

    "procedure": "pickAndDrop",
    "dpItemPose": {
        "pose": [
            [0, 0, 0],
            [1, 0, 0, 0]
    "dpIn": {
        "num": 1
    "dpOut": {
        "num": 1

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Each argument in called RAPID procedure must be dataPointer type.

Example output for above input (with default value 1):

    "metadata": 8193,
    "payload": "command;[[\"\",\"\",0,\"\",\"\",0,\"\"],\"pickAndDrop\",[\"pose\",\"\",0,\"[[0.00,0.00,0.00],[1.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000]]\",\"\",0,\"\"],[\"num\",\"\",0,\"1\",\"\",0,\"\"],[\"num\",\"\",0,\"1\",\"\",0,\"\"],[\"\",\"\",0,\"\",\"\",0,\"\"],[\"\",\"\",0,\"\",\"\",0,\"\"]]"

ℹ️ NOTE: msg.metadata field starts from 8193, so for = 2, msg.metadata = 8194 and so on.


Property Description
Name Name of the node instance
Config A config node with robot connection parameters
Config ID ID of config node
Include System Files Switch to include system modules in modules list below
Include Local Procedures Switch to include procedures defined as LOCAL in procedures list below
Tasks List of available RAPID program tasks
Modules List of available RAPID modules
Procedures List of available RAPID procedures
Values Procedure's arguments with type selector and default value to set
Sample Message Example msg.payload content based on above Values

ℹ️ NOTE: When procedure in RAPID uses argument that is not a dataPointer type [ invalid ] tag is displayed.

Command Builder Invalid Procedures